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#LdnOnt Movies


As I suspect some of you are already aware (I'm working on the assumption that someone is reading this), I am the community producer and host of a show called #LdnOnt. If you know this, then you certainly know that it is the twitter hashtag for where I live: London, Ontario. As a result, I spend a LOT of time reading the tweets associated with said hashtag.

Anyway, I decided today to start listing some "#LdnOnt movies" where I would slightly change the name of an existing movie to include a local person or place - a unique London (Ontario) spin … it started innocently enough …

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.29.45 PM

I was delighted when others starting playing along and wanted to share some of my favourites. In no particular order. Without comment. And yes, I'm aware I'm including some of own - I was coming up with most of them after all. (And I think I'm hilarious.) If you'd like to see them all, you can certainly do that HERE. Anyway, enjoy - and feel free to add some of your own below and/or on twitter. (Yes, I will see them.)

The McCardle Report: Worst Council Ever?


ENTRY #001: What if the current city council is in fact the worst one ever?  The citizens of London might be best served to look away from a series of scandals and missteps and focus on the fact that there are no competing interests ... only OUR interests.

Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2013

THE FONTANA 8: A broad impact despite being possibly narrow minded.

As I write this there are only 503 days remaining until London's next municipal election on October 27, 2014. Of course, I don’t mean to sound flippant or diminishing as it is well understood that for many here that date cannot some quick enough.

The current council were sworn into office in December, 2010 innocently enough with an eclectic group in almost every facet imaginable – experience, political leanings, background ... the list goes on. Little did we know what we were in for -  the ‘Fontana 8’ really began to have a deep and lasting impact on not only our current city, but also our future,  thanks to a  slim, but in their minds omnipotent, council majority. Sure, it appears to have fallen apart as of late with little hopes of reforming, but let us not forget Dale Henderson’s assessment as recently as December 2012: “I’m one of the eight people who is running this city and leading it ahead. (We) are doing a great job.”

#LdnOnt - Harlem Shake

Dogs Helping the Blind


In today's Internet world, almost anyone who acts in a uniquely brave or selfless manner is labeled a "hero" and is featured on one website or another but years ago, many people who stepped out of their comfort zone to better the lives of others were barely acknowledged. New research projects are bringing some of these personalities to light including the story of Dorothy Harrison Eustis who paved the way for the disabled to enjoy a higher quality of life through the use of service animals.

Dorothy Harrison Eustis was a well-to-do gentlewoman who didn't need to work, but once her "hobby" of raising dogs to assist sight-impaired individuals was publicized, the requests for help convinced her to put all of her efforts into creating quality programs that would train leader dogs and match them with people who needed their services.

Eustis had been living in comfort in Switzerland when she became aware that her dog-training could be put to use to improve the lives of blind people. She began to put all of her efforts into the new venture, hiring dog trainers and traveling from city to city to assist sight-impaired individuals as they learned to work with their Seeing Eye dogs. She opened a school which served as a center for the program to which blind people could come for training.

What To Do In London Ontario

I get it. You've come to check out some figure skating and found yourself in London, Ontario. A long way from home and, well - seems like there's not much to do. That's fine. I'm not going to lie - as a lifelong Londoner I have felt the same from time-to-time, but let me assure you there is a LOT more going on then my first be apparent. This is not a definitive guide by any stretch of the imagination. Still, I'll give you an idea of where to start and, energy permitting, give you a couple of better resources below.

[TIP: Click each title to get more information.]

MORRISSEY HOUSE: Go for dinner and/or drinks here! It's a few blocks from the event - but well worth it. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for the place - but I maintain it is not unfounded. A great selection of beers on tap, wine, scotch - and don't even get me started on the food. The fish and chips and meatloaf are both crowd favourites - but it was the short braised ribs that have made me wonder what I had been doing with my life up until trying them. I've said enough - if you're not convinced yet - chances are you never will be.

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