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Having Nana it

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Many claimed, after the fact, that they had actually heard the chair dragged across the cafeteria floor. In fact, there were dozens that said they had helped her step onto the chair and maybe even onto the table itself. Too many. In retrospect once you had heard everyone who was there and those that claimed to have been an integral part of the event the numbers simply didn’t add up. It’s not even that there weren’t a lot of students present, it was just that the way it played out there was little question that many simply overstated their involvement. Which as it turned out worked out just fine.

She had started out by stating her name and age. That most agreed on. However since most of the hundreds of videos of the event started after that happened these details are mostly in dispute. What is agreed upon is that she in her late late eighties of perhaps even early nineties and by the time she uttered the third sentence from the tabletop in the cafeteria she had most of the crowd’s attention, the remainder being shushed by the time the first words of the most publicly viewed video were spoke … “which has brought me here today. For your time, your attention and hopefully your help …”

#LdnOnt’s 2018 Mayoral Race: What We Know

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The truth is at this point in time this article could (and likely should) be two words long. Not much.

Which if you think about it makes sense. The first day that nominations can be filed for the 2018 Municipal Election is not until May 1, 2018. So normally we’d all be not thinking about this for at least another 59 days. Of course, little about the upcoming election is likely going to be normal - at least if what we’ve seen so far is any indication. 

For starters, there has been revised ward boundaries which does change the existing wards - however this will likely not have much of a impact as they come into effect following the 2018 Municipal Election on October 22, 2018. Still, it’s worth mentioning. Almost certainly of more importance is the fact that we will be using ranked ballots. Currently Ontario has 444 municipalities yet only 3 are considering or have considered ranked ballot voting. And only one has decided to give it a shot. That’s right - London, Ontario is the first municipality in Canada to practice ranked ballot voting instead of the traditional first past the post system. I’m on record as saying, and still believe that this is going to result in a LOT more candidates than previous elections. You see, in previous years like-minded people might choose to sit down in advance and decide which one of them would run in order to avoid vote splitting. With that obstacle eliminated (or at least minimized) it seems likely to me that more people will run. Especially for the Mayor’s seat. So let’s get down to it. I’m sure this will be on ongoing area of interest for me and I hope to discuss the ward races once more is known but I’m interested in having this discussion about the mayoral race not insomuch that I’m intrigued less by who we know is currently running, but by those that are not running.

Shifting Gears

It’s time. As a alluded to back at the beginning of the year, it’s time to start blogging again. For reasons I won’t go into, as I suspect most of you are already aware, I no longer have a platform to share my ideas publicly. And the truth is I’ve missed it. I wasn’t sure that I would but after a much-needed break I’ve realized that it is indeed the case. Whether or not anyone has actually reading my thoughts will have to remain to be seen.

The truth is it’s a good time to start as 2018 promises to be an exciting year. We have the Junos coming next spring, this fall will see a municipal election, we have our rapid transit initiative underway (more on that below) — all this over-and-above all the fun and excitement that happens here in the abnormal course of affairs. And I want to share my thoughts on all of it — and likely more. To be clear, I have no intention of doing anything crazy like attending city council meeting anymore than I do already. I’m not a journalist or a sucker for punishment. My intention is to simply deal instead in opinions, rumours, conjecture and stuff I made up. What could possibly go wrong?

Sports Realm

My son has started a website., where he will be covering The NBA and NFL and occasionally covering other sports when big news breaks. He’s pretty excited about so if you have a few minutes maybe check it out and leave him a comment on his hot-takes on the sporting world? Thanks in advance. 

To 2018

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Hmph. Almost three years since my last update on this blog. I’m actually not even mad. I had given up on this website years ago. Clearly. I’ve actually only held on to it this long thinking one day I would give it to one of my sons. If either of them seemed so inclined. But here I am once again. Typing. I stopped by earlier on other business and realized that the first day of a new year might be the time to resurrect this sort of thing. As some of you may already be aware, I’ve been writing an opinion column every couple of weeks for a local publication that is about to cease production. In fact, for the forseeable future I have no platform  to write for as my final column has now been submitted. Over the last little while I’ve had some article which were declined for legal or other reasons that actually might be a fit here. And I suspect I may actually miss writing, despite my reluctance to start initially.

Last night was the first New Year’s Eve I have stayed in and done nothing in quite some time. Well, I stayed home with my family which some could argue is actually everything. And after walking up so fresh and energetic this morning I might be inclined to agree. Anyway, no promises but we’ll see. I’m going to think about it but if nothing else a new blog post isn’t too shabby. I’ll try to stop by every once in the while when and if the mood strikes me. It might be a sentence - it might be a novel. There’s really no way to be sure. However, there is once final thing I will mention. It’s my resolution for the year and I want to encourage others to share it. I’ve already typed it out so I’ll just leave it here: