Dads Club

Most of my friends have married and started families but our social group, like most I'm sure, has a few hold-outs who haven't yet joined the 'dads club'. I know that some of the guys who aren't really interested in getting married yet, but there are also those who would really like to settle down and simply haven't found the right partner.


One of my friends who falls into that category, Dave, had confided with me about a year ago that he was thinking of joining an online dating service so that he could meet someone. Dave is bright, good-looking, has a good job and is an all-around great guy, but his shyness was probably his biggest obstacle to meeting someone. I wished him luck with his search.

Last week Dave called me to tell me that he was engaged. He shared some of his story with me -- evidently he tried several online dating services with little luck. Then he heard about Lifemates which specializes in matchmaking for Canadian couples and has a branch office in our area.

Dave met Kristin through Lifemates and the match was facilitated by their personal coach who stuck with them throughout the whole introduction and dating process. The relationship coach helped Dave work through his shyness while he got to know Kristen. "The match probably wouldn't have gone anywhere if it wasn't for the matchmaker's involvement" Dave told me frankly. "She kept encouraging me, pushing me to work through my introversion and, all the while, explaining to Kristen that I wasn't trying to be remote or difficult....I was simply bashful."  

The program sounds great, here are some reviews I found, although they are not completely clean from Lifemates complaints. This is especially true because it has a local branch since most of my single friends who would be interested in a matchmaking program don't want to leave the area. I can already think of a few people who would be interested.